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Corporate Core Perspective

VITELEK JOINT STOCK COMPANY with the motto of building the best working environment for talented and enthusiastic staff to bring into full play their abilities, with the youth we always take a short cut in technology. , in terms of management level, this has brought remarkable strength to Vitelek Company, not only improving in terms of management, updating technology but also focusing on developing deep cooperation relationships with many units. domestically and internationally, fully meeting all customer requirements.

Solutions, supplies and products in the field of information technology, fire protection, security systems.

VITELEK JOINT STOCK COMPANY operates mainly in the fields of information technology and telecommunications, high-tech products for security and legal forces; construction, supply, construction and installation of fire protection systems, consulting and design consultancy includes:

- Importing and trading in supporting tools (industries with conditions)

- Consulting, design, construction and installation of fire protection system for construction works (industries with conditions)

- Consulting, design, construction and installation of light electrical systems, security surveillance camera systems, building management systems, access control for civil and industrial projects.

- Consulting and providing equipment, wireless and wired telecommunication services for industrial projects and specialized units.

- Consulting, supplying and installing audio conference systems, dedicated screens, video conferencing: large size composite screens, dedicated projection screens for command centers, etc.

- Construction, repair, maintenance, maintenance works, machines and equipment in the fields of Industry, Electronics, Telecommunications, Information Technology.

- Consulting on new technology, solutions, implementing import entrustment for security and defense units.

Solution and device for Carriers and Service Providers.

- Solution and network transmission equipment.
- Security solutions for the network.
- Computer systems, servers.
- Data storage solutions and systems.
- Supplying accessories: ODF, MDF, DDF, cable cabinet, cable plate, electrical cable, fiber optic cable.
- Supply terminal.

Always ready to help you access what was previously unable to connect to networks enabling high-speed multimedia, video, data and voice applications, etc.

Build solutions and provide equipment for business customers.

Constantly striving to make products with high applicability and always put customers first.

- Computer systems, servers.
- Solution and data storage systems.
- Call center system.
- Videoconferencing system.
- Fire protection system.
- Electronic queue system. - Camera surveillance system. - Smart building management solutions.

Construction of technology, communication, telecommunications, information technology works.

- Equipment supply: antenna column (maximum 100m), shelter, electrical panel, etc.
- Construction and installation of industrial factories, telecommunications stations.
- Designing, consulting, constructing industrial works, telecommunications, information technology, civil construction.
- Building systems of computer networks, telecommunications, internal switchboards.

With a team and experienced workers, we are always at the forefront and thrive in the consulting, design and construction of infrastructure.

Installation, warranty, maintenance systems Industry, Telecommunications, Information Technology.

- Installation, repair and maintenance of industrial lines such as electrostatic painting line, embedded painting line, arc spraying line - plasma - coating, CNC line, etc.
- Internal switchboard network.
- Telecommunication information system maintenance.

Smart solution in the field of fire protection

- Basic science of fire protection.
- Design consulting, supply, construction and installation of fire protection systems: Fire alarm system, Fire system, fire fighting method.
- Advice on escape and escape systems: Exit light system, incident lights, emergency exit ladder, escape tube, elevator chamber booster system.

Technology is also enhanced integrated in a wide range of security surveillance and fire protection equipment

New technologies in the field of fire protection

Smart solutions for digital observation equipment, intrusion prevention systems, lightning protection, grounding, work support equipment, tools

- Consulting - designing CCTV system - CCTV.
- Consulting - design of anti-intrusion projects for houses and constructions.
- Supply of equipment and installation of intrusion prevention projects for homes and structures.
- Design consultant construction solutions: Lightning straightening, Lightning protection according to the source line, Lightning protection according to the signal line.

“Smart solutions for equipment are given top priority and international integration.

devices supported by the application optimally in work

With the aim to provide the best Products and Services to customers, VITELEK has invested, upgraded, and signed a long-term lease contract for technical facilities and equipment systems to support the research. design inspection, construction and installation, ...

Partners and Customers

Vitelek was born to help businesses create a competitive advantage by building a strong brand. Always put yourself in your partner's shoes when you act, dare to think differently and act best. We always appreciate customers' cooperation for us to develop more. Vitelek always updates new products, updated with the best and most modern technology.


VITELEK JOINT STOCK COMPANY always seek, maintain and develop good relationships with companies, large corporations in the country and in the world in the fields of Security, Operations, Electronics and Telecommunications, Technology. Information, Electricity, Electronics, Fire Protection, Observation Equipment, Automation, Civil, Construction, Manufacturing ... and always receive support, help with goods, warranty services, quick maintenance from partner.


With the motto of considering customers as "Heart" of business activities, not only in actions but also bringing maximum benefits and highest investment efficiency to customers, "VITELEK JOINT STOCK COMPANY" has received strong support from customers, including large companies and corporations such as:

- Department of Politics and Logistics Police Administration - Ministry of Public Security.
- Department of Police Administration of Social Center (C64) - Ministry of Public Security.
- Department of Police Security (C65) - Ministry of Public Security.
- Department of Railway and Road Traffic Police (C67) - Ministry of Public Security.
- Provincial and local police.
- The High Command of Industry - Ministry of Defense.
- Factory Z756 - Ministry of Defense.
- Local military headquarters.
- Viettel Telecom Corporation.
- Gtel mobile.
- Viet Nam Mobile.
- Mobifone.
- Hanoi Old Quarter Management Board.
- Bao Long Limited Liability Company.
- Phu Ha Limited Liability Company.
- Tan Duc Phat Fire Protection One Member Limited Liability Company.
- Techcombank, etc..
- C.E.O Technology Joint Stock Company.
- Construction joint stock company for cultural works.

Because there is always the concept that customer satisfaction depends a lot on the quality of products, goods and services that we provide. With a team of professional staff with rich experience in engineering, consulting and service, we are committed to and guarantee to always bring satisfaction and satisfaction to the most demanding customers.

Operation principle of VITLEK JOINT STOCK COMPANY

"Providing the most optimal and most suitable products, solutions and systems for customers with the best and most convenient warranty and maintenance services".

- Thanks to that, the company Vitelek has built, maintained and developed the trust of customers, the system of regular customers.
- Along with good product quality, flexible solutions, perfect services, qualified and experienced team, the ability to execute large projects, Vitelek Company is gradually expanding production and business scale. with the goal of growing stronger and stronger.

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